Vinyl Soffit & Fascia – Rockledge, FL

Updating your home with new vinyl siding? Soffit and Fascia from Window World of The Space Coast provides the durability and strength you need, with the easy maintenance of vinyl.

What are Soffit & Fascia?

Home with vinyl siding and fasciaSoffit and Fascia work simultaneously with your vinyl siding, seamlessly bridging the gap between your siding and your roofing. Soffit often refers to the exposed underside of a roof overhang, or eave, while fascia is often used to create a smooth appearance on a roof’s edge and protect the roofing and interior of a home from severe weather.

Benefits of Soffit & Fascia

Subtle Ventilation

Soffit from Window World of The Space Coast provides the ventilation your home needs to keep attics cool and dry, while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing image. Our soffit provides continuous airflow through hidden aeration. With Window World of The Space Coast, you don’t have to sacrifice beauty for function — we provide both.

Ultra-Rigid Design

Over time, soffit panels may begin to sag or cup, decreasing performance and curb appeal. But soffit from Window World of Space Coast offers a unique lock design that helps soffit panels remain flat and level, year after year.

Easy Maintenance

Coventry.tifEver dream of having real wood on your home, but don’t care to worry about the maintenance it requires? With vinyl soffit from Window World of Space Coast, you can have the best of both worlds. Our vinyl soffit has the beautiful, alluring appearance of wood, but is made of weather-resistant vinyl to withstand rain, humidity and other severe weather. Unlike wood soffit and trim, Window World’s vinyl soffit and accessories will look great for many years to come — and maintenance only requires an occasional rinse.

Design Variety

Are you ready to experience high-quality, reinforced soffit and premium accessories from Window World of Space Coast? Our soffit and accessories are offered in a wide array of colors, that will match your Window World Siding and leave a lasting impression for many years to come.

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